Maple Tree Farms

Registered Berkshire Hogs and
Crossbred Project Pigs

Renowned for centuries for it sweet flavorful meat, the Berkshire pig, always dapper with its shiny black and white markings, is a favorite here at Maple Tree Farms.

Medium sized with a gentle docile temperament, the Berkshire hog is the oldest pure breed of pig in the United States. The American Berkshire Association was the first breed association in the US and is still active at promoting the breed through the Berkshire Gold™ and Royal Berkshire Pork™ programs. Certified Berkshire pork is in high demand in many markets and receives  premium prices.

For more information on Berkshire pigs visit the American Berkshire Association website

A Purebred Berkshire Gilt Baby Berks cooling off on a hot day!

Maple Tree Farms produces purebred Berkshire breeding stock as well as Berkshire crossbreds for 4H/FFA project pigs and market hogs.

A Berkshire Cross Gilt, representative of the crossbred pigs raised at Maple Tree Farms.